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Star Glass Tempering

If you are in the market and looking for first-rate glass manufacturers in Chicagoland, you are on the right page. In Star Glass Tempering, we choose the highest grade materials to provide our clients with top-notch fabrications, glass tempering, tempered glass panel, custom tempered glass, glass shower doors, and mirrors that fit your style and needs. This ensures reliable and lifelong products that save you money.

We’re proud of our reputation for having the best quality control which our products undergo to achieve the highest quality. No matter what kind of tints, polish, edges, and thickness of the glass you need, you can rely on us to get the best-looking glass products.


Tempered Glass Thickness

As a leading tempered glass manufacturer, we can provide you with different thicknesses of polished edge temper glass for enclosures and mirrors. You can choose from three different options:


1/2″ USED IN

shelves, some fireplaces, table tops and framed shower doors

1/4″ USED IN

table tops (as protective covering), insulated units, single-pane windows, mirrors, framed shower doors, etc.

3/8″ USED IN

shower doors, table tops, glass walls, glass partitions, handrails, door lights, etc.

If you require help in selecting the right dimensions, variety, or thickness of glass for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (847) 258-5272. We’re eager to provide the assistance you need.

what is

What Is Tempered Glass?

You may have heard of tempered glass as most new products feature this type of technology. But you may be wondering what tempered glass is and how it differs from the standard glass you’re used to.  

The glass tempering process cools the material quickly which increases strength. The level of strength varies and is dependent on certain factors, like the heating process used and the thickness of the glass. Tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than the standard annealed glass we’re accustomed to. This makes tempered glass a basic type of safety glass because if it breaks, it will produce pellets rather than shards. If you’ve dropped a drinking glass, you know how much of a mess it can make with sharp edges all over the place. However, shower doors and windows made of tempered glass panels are worry-free. You’ll never cut a finger, step on a shard if it breaks, or even hurt yourself on a glass crack, which is nearly impossible to develop.  

  • Enhanced glass strength
  • Heat-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
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Our Products

Shower Enclosures

In any home with showers, it is essential to keep the water from the rest of the room. But, you may be looking for a more attractive replacement to the pesky shower curtains to make your shower room more stylish while staying functional. Star Glass Tempering is the best glass manufacturer offering high-quality alternatives to your shower. Reliable in providing sturdy, durable, and easier-to-clean tempered glass which is less prone than curtains to tear and mold growth. Custom tempered glass according to the design you want in your bathroom can make bath time more enjoyable. We are the best glass supplier for tempered glass and glass panels with different thicknesses that you can choose. Try them yourself and see what the highest quality glass looks like!

Modern Bathroom With Custom Tempered Glass Chicago
Custom Tempered Glass Mirrors


Many different types of homes and companies use glass tempering mirrors, either as functional items or as decorative ones. Any room can have a custom tempered glass mirror that is manufactured to accommodate it, whether it is flush attached to the wall, hanging in a frame, or placed on a vanity. Use temper glass mirrors to give a hallway or tiny room dimension, illuminate a dim space, or improve the use of a dance or gym facility. As a glass manufacturer we have listed some key advantages of personalized mirrors:

  • Gives the impression of space in confined spaces.
  • Gives vanities and workout areas a reflecting surface
  • A more affordable alternative to freestanding mirrors
  • Easily mountable in any room
  • Transforms tables and dressers become talking points


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