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More About Star Glass Tempering Elk Grove Village, IL

Star Glass Tempering has provided first-rate tempered glass in Elk Grove Village and its surrounding cities for many years. Our many years of experience, skilled engineers, and customer satisfaction have earned our glass manufacturer company a highly respected reputation. Through advanced technology, dedication, and attention to detail, Star Glass Tempering is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of today’s challenging glass market.

Whether you need glass shower doors, mirrors, tempered glass panels, custom tempered glass, or other glass tempered products, you can rely on us to get lifelong products and undergo the best quality control in the market. We are your solution to create a unique glass product as fast as possible. 


Kinds Of Glass Thickness of Tempered Glass Elk Grove Village, IL

We can provide you with numerous thicknesses of polished edge temper glass for encounters and mirrors since we are top tempered glass suppliers Elk Grove Village. You have a choice between three possibilities:


1/2″ USED IN

some fireplaces, framed shower doors shelves and table tops

1/4″ USED IN

mirrors, table tops (as protective covering), framed shower doors, insulated units, single-pane windows, etc.

3/8″ USED IN

table tops, shower doors, glass partitions, glass walls, handrails, door lights, etc.
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Tempered Glass Elk Grove Village, IL Explained

You may have heard of glass tempering Elk Grove Village since many items use this innovation. But you might be wondering what tempered glass panels are and how it's different from the regular glass you're used to.

The process of making tempered glass Elk Grove Village contains quick cooling of the material, which makes it stronger. The level of toughness varies and depends on things like the way the glass was heated and how thick it was. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than the normal annealed glass we're used to. This makes tempered glass a basic kind of safety glass because if it breaks, it will shatter into small pellets instead of sharp pieces. If you've ever dropped a drinking glass, you know how much of a mess it can make with its sharp edges flying everywhere. But windows and shower doors made of tempered glass panels are safe. You won't cut your finger, step on a shard if it breaks, or hurt yourself on a glass crack, which is nearly impossible to make.

  • Strengthened glass
  • Heat-resistant
  • Laceration-resistant
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