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Star Glass Tempering Chicago, IL - About Us

If you are looking for a reliable glass manufacturer in Chicago, you can trust Star Glass Tempering. Our glass operations provide consistent, high-quality tempered glass made with precision, state-of-the-art tools, and the utmost attention to detail. Our manufacturing process allows for the fast delivery and lead times demanded by the custom design market in Chicago.

Whether you need tempered glass panel, custom tempered glass, glass shower doors, or mirrors, with the custom thickness, cut, polish, or tint of the glass you need, you will receive a product from us that fits your needs perfectly. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied and will come to us with all their tempered glass needs.


Varieties Of Glass Thickness of Tempered Glass Chicago, IL

We can give you various thicknesses of polished edge temper glass for encounters and mirrors as a leading tempered glass manufacturer Chicago. There are three alternatives available to you:


1/2″ USED IN

shelves, some fireplaces, table tops and framed shower doors

1/4″ USED IN

single-pane windows, framed shower doors table tops (as protective covering), insulated units, mirrors, etc.

3/8″ USED IN

glass partitions, table tops, glass walls, handrails, door lights, shower doors, etc.

Unsure about what thickness, type or size of glass to choose for your project? Contact us at (847) 258-5272, and we’ll help you determine the optimal glass.

what is

What Exactly Is Tempered Glass Chicago, IL?

Most modern goods use tempered glass Chicago, so you may be familiar with it. You may be curious about tempered glass panels and how it varies from the regular glass you're accustomed to.

Glass may be strengthened by the use of the tempering process, which involves rapidly cooling the material. The heating method and glass thickness are two primary determinants of strength, among others. The strength of temper glass is about four times that of the annealed glass most of us are used to. Because it breaks into little, harmless pellets rather than sharp shards, tempered glass Chicago serves as a basic kind of safety glass. If you've ever spilled a glass of water, you know the havoc the shards can cause. Windows and shower doors constructed of tempered glass, on the other hand, pose no safety risks. A glass crack is very difficult to create, so you never have to worry about cutting your finger, stepping on a shard, or being wounded in any other way.

  • Increased durability in glass
  • High temperature-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
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Let us help you with the installation process. We have certified installers on staff!



Our Tempered Glass Chicago, IL Products

Shower Enclosures

In a bathroom with a shower, keeping the water contained is a must. But, why settle for an ordinary shower curtain when you can upgrade to a stylish and functional alternative? Star Glass Tempering Chicago is your top choice for high-quality tempered glass options. We offer durable, easy-to-clean glass that is less prone to tearing and mold growth compared to curtains. Customize your shower with tempered glass Chicago that fits your bathroom design, making bath time even more enjoyable. As the leading supplier of tempered glass and tempered glass panels Chicago, we offer a variety of thicknesses to choose from. Experience the difference between top-quality glass for yourself!

Modern Bathroom With Custom Tempered Glass Chicago
Custom Tempered Glass Mirrors


Tempered glass mirrors are widely used in homes and businesses, serving both practical and decorative purposes. Create a custom tempered glass mirror for any room, whether it’s mounted flush to the wall, hanging in a frame, or resting on a vanity. Use temper glass Chicago mirrors to add depth to narrow hallways, brighten dim spaces, or enhance dance or gym facilities. As a glass manufacturer Chicago, we highlight the following benefits of personalized mirrors:

  • Gives the illusion of more space in small areas.
  • Turns tables and dressers into conversation pieces.
  • Provides reflective surfaces for vanities and workout areas.
  • Easily installable in any room.
  • A cost-effective alternative to standalone mirrors.