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Whether you are a contractor or homeowner looking for a first-rate glass manufacturer in Elgin, just say our name, Star Glass Tempering. Not only can we help you with tempered glass products, but you can also get high-quality custom tempered glass for affordable prices.

We have been in the business for many years providing excellent services. When you choose us, you can ensure that our glass tempering, glass shower doors, mirrors, tempered glass panel, and other custom tempered glass are made of the highest grade materials with top-notch fabrications. Our attention to detail is second to our customer service. No matter what kind of polish, edge, thickness, or size you need, you can rely on us.


Check The Thicknesses Of Our Tempered Glass Elgin, IL

We are a major glass manufacturer Elgin and can provide you with polished edge tempered glass of several thicknesses for use in encounters and mirrors. There are three potential outcomes:


1/2″ USED IN

shelves, some fireplaces, table tops and framed shower doors

1/4″ USED IN

mirrors, table tops (as protective covering), insulated units, single-pane windows, framed shower doors, etc.

3/8″ USED IN

handrails, door lights, shower doors, table tops, glass walls, glass partitions, etc.

Unsure about the thickness, type or size of glass that would be best suited for your project? Contact us at (847) 258-5272, and we’ll help you determine the perfect glass.

what is

Tempered Glass Elgin, IL:
What Is It?

Tempered glass is a common component of modern items, so you may be familiar with it. However, you may be unsure of what temper glass Elgin is and how it varies from the conventional glass you're using instead.

The substance is swiftly cooled during the glass tempering Elgin process, increasing strength. The degree of force varies and depends on a number of things, including the type of melting and the density of the glass. Compared to the annealed glass we're used to, tempered glass panels Elgin are around four times more powerful. Due to the fact that it will form particles rather than shards if it breaks, tempered glass is the most basic kind of safety glass. If you've ever spilled a glass of liquid, you are aware of the chaos its sharp edges may create. Windows and shower doors constructed of tempered glass panels, however, are stress-free. It is very difficult for a glass fracture to form, therefore you won't ever cut your hand, trip over a shard if it breaks, or even injure yourself on one.

  • Toughened glass
  • Heat-resistant
  • Dent-resistant
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Tempered Glass Elgin IL - Our Products

Shower Enclosures

Water from showers must be contained in their own area of the bathroom. However, you may be searching for an aesthetically pleasing alternative to unsightly shower curtains that still serves the same utilitarian purpose. If you’re looking for a premium replacement for your current shower enclosure, go no further than Star Glass Tempering Elgin. Providing trustworthy, long-lasting, and simpler-to-clean tempered glass that’s less prone to tears and mold development than drapes. Having tempered glass installed in your bathroom in the style of your choice may greatly improve the quality of your soak. Temper glass and tempered glass panels of varying thicknesses are our specialties, and we’re the go-to glass suppliers Elgin in the business. See for yourself what the best glass looks like by giving them a try.

Modern Bathroom With Custom Tempered Glass Chicago
Custom Tempered Glass Mirrors


Glass tempering mirrors are used in a variety of settings, both for their practicality and their aesthetics. Custom tempered glass Elgin mirrors may be produced to fit any space, whether they’ll be flush mounted to the wall, hung in a frame, or used as a vanity mirror. Tempered glass mirrors may be used to expand the visual field of a narrow corridor or small room, to brighten up a dark area, or to enhance the functionality of a dance or gym environment. We at the glass factory have compiled a list of benefits associated with custom mirrors:

  • Creates an airy feel even in a small room.
  • An economical replacement for expensive freestanding mirrors
  • Mounting it’s a breeze and it can be used in any space.
  • Makes furniture like tables and dressers into conversation places
  • Adds a reflective element to bathrooms and gyms.