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Star Glass Tempering in Niles is a dedicated glass manufacturing company with committed engineers who build and customize glass tempering and provide customers with options and choices for optimum cost-effective designs. Our company uses only the highest grade materials to achieve top-notch fabrications, tempered glass panels, custom tempered glass, glass shower doors, and other glass tempering products.

We carefully listen to the needs of our customers and help them select the best type of glass no matter what kind of tint, polish, edges, and thickness of the glass you need. The work does not end after the fabrication; we also help give suggestions and tips regarding handling, assembly, and cleaning of your tempered glass to save you money and ensure reliable and lifelong products.


Thicknesses Of Tempered Glass Niles, IL

As a top maker of custom tempered glass Niles, we can give you polished edge tempered glass for encounters and mirrors in a range of these thicknesses. You have 3 types to select from:


1/2″ USED IN

shelves, some fireplaces, table tops and framed shower doors

1/4″ USED IN

insulated units, mirrors, table tops (as protective covering), , single-pane windows, framed shower doors, etc.

3/8″ USED IN

table tops, handrails, shower doors, glass walls, glass partitions, door lights, etc.

Having trouble deciding on the appropriate thickness, type or size of glass for your project? Call us at (847) 258-5272, and we’ll assist you in selecting the ideal glass.

what is

What Is - Tempered Glass
Niles, IL?

Glass tempering Niles is a term you've probably heard of since it's used in a lot of modern items. But you may be asking what tempered glass is and how it differs from regular glass.

The temper glass Niles treatment swiftly refreshes the material, boosting its rigidity. The degree of hardness fluctuates and is affected by variables like the heating process and the thickness of the glass. Tempered glass panels are roughly four times sturdier than conventional annealed glass. Tempered glass is a fundamental feature of safety glass because it breaks into pellets rather than chunks. If you've ever smashed a glass, you know exactly a mess it can cause with jagged edges all over the place. Shower doors and windows manufactured of tempered glass panels, on the other hand, are completely worry-free. You will never cut your finger, walk on a shard if it breaks, or injure yourself on a glass fracture, which is practically impossible to form.

  • Increased glass strength
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
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Installation assistance is available, with certified installers available to help you!



We Offer Tempered Glass Niles, IL Products

Shower Enclosures

In every residence with a shower, it is vital to keep the water contained. However, you may be searching for a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to disturbing shower curtains in order to make your shower room more trendy and useful. Star Glass Tempering Niles is the top glass producer that offers high-quality shower options. Reliable in offering solid, durable, and easier-to-clean tempered glass Niles which are less prone than curtains to rip and mold formation. The installation of custom tempered glass in your bathroom may make bathing more pleasurable. We are the top glass supplier Niles for tempered glass and glass panels available in a variety of thicknesses. Try them yourself and experience what the best quality glass looks like!

Modern Bathroom With Custom Tempered Glass Chicago
Custom Tempered Glass Mirrors


Many various kinds of residences and businesses employ temper glass mirrors, either for practical or aesthetic purposes. Custom-made mirrors made of tempered glass panels Niles be constructed to fit any space, whether they are fixed flush to the wall, hung in a frame, or put on a vanity. Use mirrors made of tempered glass to enlarge a corridor or small room, brighten a dark location, or enhance the functionality of a dance or gym facility. As a glass manufacturer Niles, we have outlined the following benefits of customized mirrors:

  • Creates the illusion of spaciousness in restricted areas.
  • Provides vanity and exercise areas with a reflective surface
  • A more cost-effective option to freestanding mirrors
  • Mounting is simple in any space
  • Transforms tables and dressers into conversation starters