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About Our Company - Star Glass Tempering Park Ridge, IL

If you are in search of the best glass manufacturer in Park Ridge, you are on the right page. Over the years, Star Glass Tempering has built extensive knowledge and relationships in glass tempering and fabrication. We use state-of-the-art tools to assure highly accurate finished dimensions, along with our attention to detail to provide our clients with first-class fabrication glass tempering, custom tempered glass, mirrors, glass shower doors, and tempered glass panels.

We’re proud to have a standing reputation in providing the best quality control that our temper glass undergoes to achieve the finest quality. Give us a call today to get reliable and lifelong glass products.


Temper Glass Park Ridge, IL - Different Thicknesses

As a leading producer of tempered glass Park Ridge, we can supply you with polished edge tempered glass panels of several thicknesses for encounters and mirrors. You have three choices to choose from:


1/2″ USED IN

shelves, some fireplaces, table tops and framed shower doors

1/4″ USED IN

framed shower doors, table tops (as protective covering), single-pane windows, mirrors, insulated units, etc.

3/8″ USED IN

glass walls, shower doors, table tops, handrails, door lights, glass partitions, etc.

If you’re uncertain about which glass thickness, type or size to choose for your project, give us a call at (847) 258-5272, and we’ll guide you in selecting the perfect glass.

what is

Definition of Tempered Glass
Park Ridge, IL

You may have realized tempered glass Park Ridge is a thing since the majority of modern goods include this technology. You may wonder, though, what tempered glass is and how it differentiates from the ordinary glass you're accustomed to.

The tempered glass Park Ridge procedure rapidly cools the glass, increasing its strength. The amount of strength varies and is depending on a variety of elements, including the heating method and glass thickness employed by glass manufacturer Park Ridge. Standard annealed glass is about four times as strong as tempered glass. This makes tempered glass panels a fundamental form of safety glass since they will shatter into pellets rather than shards. If you've ever dropped a drinking glass, you know how much of a disaster its jagged edges can cause. However, shower doors and windows built from panels of tempered glass are worry-free. You will never cut a finger, walk on a shard if the glass breaks, or even injure yourself on a practically impossible-to-develop glass crack.

  • Enhanced glass durability
  • Heat-resistant
  • Graze-resistant
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What For Tempered Glass Park Ridge, IL We Offer

Shower Enclosures

Keep the water out of the rest of the room in any house with showers. But if you want to make your shower room more fashionable while still keeping it practical, you could be seeking a more appealing alternative to annoying shower curtains. The leading glass supplier Park Ridge, Star Glass Tempering, offers premium shower glass replacements. dependable in their provision of strong, enduring, and easier-to-clean tempered glass Park Ridge that’s less prone to rip and mold development than curtains. Bath time might be more joyful if you have tempered glass made specifically for the bathroom style you prefer. We’re the top provider of tempered glass and tempered glass panels Park Ridge in a range of available thicknesses. Test them out for yourself to discover what the best glass looks like!

Modern Bathroom With Custom Tempered Glass Chicago
Custom Tempered Glass Mirrors


Glass tempering mirrors are used in a wide range of residences and businesses, both as useful and ornamental objects. Whether flush mounted to the wall, hung in a frame, or set up on a vanity, every area may have a custom tempered glass mirror made to fit it. Utilization of temper glass Park Ridge mirrors to provide depth to a corridor or small room, light up a dark area, or maximize the use of a dance or gym facility. As a glass manufacturer Park Ridge, we’ve outlined a few major benefits of customized mirrors:

  • Creates the appearance of spaciousness in small areas.
  • Provides a reflective surface for vanities and exercise spaces.
  • A less expensive alternative to freestanding mirrors
  • Simple to install in any room
  • Converts dressers and tables into talking points